Email Copywriting Expert

Alex Mullan Announces…

Email Imagery 2.0

The Most Demanding Copywriting Course On The Planet Is Helping People

Learn The World's Most Profitable Skill — The Art Of Written

Persuasion — In Only 4 Weeks

"I Used To Stare At The Dreaded Blank Page And Blinking Cursor For Hours When Writing Emails – Now I Make Money Writing Copy While Comfortably Bumming Around The World"

Dear coach, consultant, niche expert, or email list owner.....

If you're tired of pulling out your hair, wondering why your sales copy feels similar to sitting in a grease-soaked pizza box on a grimy street corner, rattling a tin cup and hoping for a dime, then read on:

This letter is going to show you how to flip the script and craft sales copy that people love to read and buy from.

When you apply the copywriting and persuasion methods I teach inside Email Imagery 2.0, you'll go from feeling like a bum on the street corner to knocking out sales copy that converts.

What you'll learn inside Email Imagery is NOT exclusive to email (email copywriting happens to be where I spend most of my time, thus making it the best medium to teach you my craft).

Once you absorb the goods inside Email Imagery 2.0, you'll be able to apply the principles to your emails, Facebook posts, Instagram captions, sales letters, video scripts, and anywhere else your writing appears.

Whether you want to sell knitting needles to grandmas via direct mail…graphic t-shirts to dudes who are too old to wear graphic t-shirts on Amazon…fidget spinners to young hooligans on Instagram…or sparkling bags of dildos to unicorns on Facebook…the persuasion principles you're going to learn inside Email Imagery 2.0 will help you do so.

Alright, let's dig into the nitty-gritty of this offer for business owners who want to learn how to write persuasive, ethical copy that converts.

Have you ever found yourself asking…

"Is this email good enough?"

"When will I make my next sale or gain a new client from my email list?"

"Why does it seem like everyone around me is making money from email marketing?"


Are You Terrified Half Your List Will Unsubscribe If You Send Out An Email With A Link To Buy Your Product Or Service?

Are you stuck believing that you can't give value while still making sales?

That you'll be accused of selling out?

Overcome with anxiety and despair about what to write in your emails?

That you don't want to help people and only care about money?

Here's the truth:

You don't need to read another copywriting book, study the intricacies of writing curiosity-soaked bullet-points, or hard sell day after day to build a list of subscribers who love what you write, and are happy to pull out their credit cards.

What you really need is to hone your ability to create imagery, and persuade through the written word.

Why is imagery so powerful you ask?

It comes down to this…

Imagery Allows You To Paint A Vision Of Success Into The Mind Of Your Prospects, And Instill The Belief That YOU Have The Solution To Their Problem

Which is THE reason why imagery is the most persuasive aspect of copywriting.

So why is it that NOBODY is talking about imagery? Let alone teaching it?

I don't know the reason why nobody wants to sink their teeth into and pull back the skin covering the influence you can create with imagery.

But, I have two educated guesses:

  1. People don't want to teach imagery because it's so powerful.


  1. The majority who could teach this are merely consciously competent.

Meaning, that with great effort they know how to create imagery, but they don't know how to break the skill down, and share it with others.

I, on the other hand, submit that waxing poetic, persuasive imagery into writing copy is an area in which I've achieved unconscious competence.

In other words: startling, juicy, image-packed, persuasive copy cascades out of me without coffee, nootropics, and can be done while having one hand tied to my ankle and my other dipped in a vat of acid.

The persuasive power of imagery has been known to man since the days of the cavemen, when they passed their history, culture, and ideas through the centuries by scratching images into the rocky walls of their caves.

And nobody has been teaching you this valuable, profitable skill…until now.

Email Imagery 2.0 Is Going To Teach You:

  • How to write amazing emails faster than you ever have before or even thought possible (standard results of completing Email Imagery include reducing the time it takes to write a single email from 60-90 minutes to 20-30 minutes)
  • What IMAGERY really means (plus why being able to wield it like a broadsword will set you apart from your competition, and enable you to consistently write persuasive, ethical copy that converts)
  • How to eliminate the stress and anxiety of writing emails (plus a simple trick for making writing the best part of your day)
  • The email marketing secrets I've learned from writing daily emails for seven-figure companies in the supplement and job search industries (hint: when you know how to merge information with entertainment, people LOVE to read your emails, even if there's a pitch at the end)
  • How harnessing the emotional power of imagery will make your emails irresistible to open, read, and buy from (as well as how to avoid "blowing your load" too early in your emails and sales copy)
  • A lesson from yours truly, The World's Most Honest Email Marketer: how to write persuasive, transparent sales copy that converts without needing to resort to false claims, blatant exaggeration, or outright lying (the more genuine you are in your copy, the more your list will trust you…thus more sales)
  • Why using imagery to etch a vision of success into your prospects' minds is a surefire way of skyrocketing your sales (consistently using imagery in your emails has the neat side effect of keeping you top-of-mind in the eyes of your list)
  • Why handwriting old ads is the absolute WORST way to improve your copywriting (if you apply what I teach inside Email Imagery you'll never waste hours of your life scratching out an irrelevant sales letter)
  • A sure-fire way of eliminating low-class, soul-sucking customers from your business by learning to write emails that offend, rankle, and repel the wrong people, while attracting your "tribe" (this is repulsion marketing at its finest, and results in people coming to you rather than you going to them)
  • A simple three-step formula for creating lead magnets that will have people tripping over themselves to sign up for your email list (when you give people a compelling reason to join your list you become a welcome friend in their inbox)

Email Imagery 2.0 Uncovers How You Can Make Money, Inspire People To Take Action, And Change Lives By Using The Written Word

When a writer attempts to describe something in a way that appeals to our sense of smell, sight, taste, touch, or hearing, that is imagery.

In most cases, imagery is built upon comparison and contrast (think: simile and metaphor).

When I say dick-skin shredded, that's clawing at your sense of sight.

When you read the following…

"The tomato soup simmered gently on the stove, plumes of steam snaking their way out from under the lid, with the scent of warm basil filling the room…"

I'm appealing to your sense of sight (seeing the steam rise), sound (hearing the simmering, bubbling soup), and smell (the wafting scent of basil).

See how that works?

Which reminds me…

Here's A Peek At 8 More Persuasion Secrets I've Stuffed Into The Email Imagery 2.0 Sack

  1. How to use the awe of imagery to make your emails irresistible to read, and your offer as attractive to prospects as pumpkin spice lattes are to white gurls (plus, how tapping into the persuasive power of imagery will skyrocket your open rates, drive click-throughs, and surge your profits)
  2. My favourite way to eliminate inefficiencies, dead words, fluffy language, and get right into the meat & tomatoes of your sales email (the better your words flow, the more people will read…and the more people read, the more likely they are to buy)
  3. The easiest way to find fodder for short, snappy, persuasive emails that build a relationship with your list and generate sales (all you have to do is pay attention to what happens in your life, then write about it)
  4. Why you should treat your emails and your list with the respect and love you'd give your significant other (making money with email marketing is about building and nurturing a bond, not fucking and chucking subscribers)
  5. What the 'Soup Nazi' from Seinfeld can teach you about creating irresistible offers, setting expectations from your customers, and securing repeat business (you don't have to be a dictator to make this work for you)
  6. Why having congruence from top to bottom of your business is one of the smartest things you can do (plus, how to apply congruence to your emails, sales letters, and offers)
  7. The simple solution to the most common mistake people make with their email list (this is yet another case in doing the opposite of whatever everyone else does)
  8. Why "learn how to create a vision of success" is one of the most valuable pieces of copywriting advice you'll ever receive (hint: your prospects don't care about you—they care about what you can do for them)

From the mouths of three of my mentors, here's proof I've got the chops to teach the art of written persuasion:

We have the one and only Ben Settle:

Mike Samuels (the world's most British copywriter):

and the ever-majestic New York Times Best-Selling Author John Romaniello…

It's from the teachings of these fine gentlemen that I've been able to see the following subject line in my inbox on a consistent basis:..

"Payment Received"

When you open your inbox, do you ever see the above subject line?

"Alex's stuff is original. It's hard-hitting, and makes money without coming across as pushy, sales-y or cliche. It's so good, I even steal some of it and attempt to pass it off as my own."

— Mike Samuels,
The World's Most British Copywriter

In my own business, writing is the one thing I'm loathe to entrust to someone else, but Alex has proven worthy of being my go-to guy.

- John Romaniello,
New York Times Bestselling Author,
Roman Fitness Systems

Alex is a goddamn rockstar of a copywriter, and THE most consistent person I've ever met. If you need help with words, he's your guy. Unfuck thyself, read his daily emails, and/or invest in learning from him.

-- Brad Hart,
Founder of Make More Marbles

As a fellow email copywriter, Big A's emails keep me sharp as a tack. He's one of the few I allow in my inbox on a daily basis.

-- Nate Schmidt,
Freelance Copywriter

Alex has created high-converting sales funnels, ads, email autoresponders, and top-notch sales pages that have accelerated sales and put cold hard cash in my coffers.

-- Eric Bach,
Bach Performance

Words are his playground. Alex uses words to create magical expression, persuasion,

-- Misty RHN,
The World's Most Ridiculous Copywriting Mentor

Alex's daily emails are woven together in a spellbinding tale that will teach you how to print money on demand for whatever business you are in.

-- Peter Tzemis,
Peter Tzemis Fitness

We've been averaging 30% opens and a 3.5% click-through rate to cold traffic on an autoresponder series Alex wrote for me...absurd!

-- Chris Friesen,
The Fit Mom + Fit Dad Method

Alex knows the ins and outs of engagement, entertainment and persuasion. I knew I was going to buy Email Imagery WEEKS before it launched (that takes skill to pull off).

-- Michael Gostelow,
Executive Performance Coaching

I read an email sequence Alex wrote for something I already had, and the way he delivered made me want to buy again.

-- Jorden Pagel,
Jorden Pagel Fitness

My copy has boosted engagement with my audience and my articles are now rolling into fitness publications. I can confidently say my once bland writing is now seasoned like a juicy expensive steak thanks to Alex's help.

-- Calvin Huynh,
Calvin Huynh Fitness

Alex's intelligence shines through in both his emails and his copy. And I for one can't work with anyone I don't have respect for on an intellectual level. Maybe that makes me a dick, but that's how it is.

-- Alex Backhouse,
Alex Backhouse Strength & Conditioning

Alex's emails are super easy to read, and he conveys his point across in a way that's simple to understand. Highly recommend getting on his list.

-- Aidan D'Arcy,
The Body Transformation Academy

There's nothing more frustrating than painstakingly writing what you think is a great, persuasive email, only to hit 'SEND' and be greeted by crickets.

Y'know what?

The following tips buried inside Email Imagery will teach you how to write in a such a way that your emails will be greeted with replies like, "I gotta say, some days it's like you read my mind with these emails!"

Not to mention you'll start seeing "Payment Received" in your inbox much more often.

Check out these other neat lessons you'll find inside Email Imagery 2.0:

  • A not-so-secret but rarely implemented way of using what you'll learn inside Email Imagery to make consistent sales (hint: I do this every single day)
  • The two questions I ask myself before I send out any sales email (asking yourself these two questions ensures you'll never commit the number one sin of email: being boring)
  • Why writing emails without a hook will sink your business faster than the Titanic (and how to "wind up" your prospects so they're begging to read the rest of your emails)
  • Why learning how to create imagery will help you turn a profit (even if you don't have an offer or are "pre-revenue")
  • How to blend imagery and contrast together into an intoxicating, persuasive blend of copy (plus the resultant brew that keeps your customers coming back for more)
  • The RIGHT time to use a P.S. in your emails (and what you should put in it for maximum effect)

If You're Fed Up With Struggling To Write Copy That Converts, Email Imagery 2.0 Will Give You An Unfair Advantage

Look, I could ramble on forever about the persuasive of power of imagery.

But, here's the bottom line:

Imagery is THE most persuasive principle for creating copy that converts. Bar none.

If you can't create a vision for your customers, if you can't paint their dream, then you are missing out on a boatload of sales.

For example…

If you're trying to sell a fat loss program, but struggle to write copy that forces your prospects to visualize how their life and body will look, function, feel when they're rocking a six-pack and bulging biceps (or whatever their image of success is), how are you ever going to ethically persuade them to invest in your offer?

You won't…

Enter Email Imagery:

I'm going to break down the how behind juicing up your emails with imagery, help you draw connections between images and themes, and teach you to spin your words into entertaining, profitable emails that your list loves to open, read, and buy from.


When You Know How To Tap Into The Persuasive Power Of Imagery, You Don't Have To Be A Great Copywriter To Rake In Loads Of Shiny Gold Doubloons

The truth is, all you need to be is good enough.

Excuse me while I teach you how.

Here we go...when you invest in Email Imagery 2.0, you're going to receive:

  1. The Email Imagery 2.0 Blackbook, teaching you exactly how to write image-packed emails that sell.

VALUE: $313

  1. Special discounts on my other offers (including existing + future products).

VALUE: $100-$200 in savings per product.

  1. Direct access to me with any and all of your questions on email marketing, copywriting, persuasion, coffee (and anything I'm "qualified" to answer). Aside from a handful of family and friends who I would help bury a body if they asked, nobody has this kind of access…and you'll be welcomed into that inner circle when you pick up Email Imagery today.

VALUE: What's it worth to you to have someone in your pocket who will happily answer all your questions within 24 hours? Personally, I pay over $500/month for such privilege.

The 'Prestigious' Level Of Email Imagery 2.0 Also Includes $600 In Copywriting Coaching


  1. One-on-one mentoring to take your emails from dry, drab, and enticing as sleeping in a hill of fire ants to engaging, entertaining, and profitable.

VALUE: Do you want to learn how to sell with email? Or nah?

  1. Two reviews per email (one set of initial critiques, and one to finalize the email).

VALUE: Considering I charge non-students $30 per email critique…you're getting a legitimate $600 in email copy critiques included in the sticker price of the 'Prestigious' EI 2.0.

Here's One More Copywriting Power-Up You'll Score For Free With Any Of The EI 2.0 Packages

Behold, The Imagery Tome...

The Email Imagery 2.0 Tome will teach you:

  1. Why imagery is the only persuasion mechanism you really need to sharpen (honing your ability to create imagery will make for more persuasive emails, sales letters, video scripts, webinars, Instagram captions, Facebook posts, and wherever else your writing appears)
  2. A not-so-secret (yet rarely talked about) key to writing ethical sales copy that engages, entertains, persuades, and profits (plus a perfect example of imagery plucked straight from Patrick Rothfuss' magnificent tome, Name of the Wind)
  3. The dead-simple Email Imagery formula for writing emails that your list loves to open, read, and buy from (if you follow the 6-part email structure I teach, you'll never write a "bad" email ever again
  4. Five "Lost" Email Imagery 2.0 tips for batting out profitable emails in record time (#4 will teach you the biggest conversion-killing mistake I see people make with their emails)
  5. The world's most profitable skill—the art of written persuasion—in the blink of an eye (as well as how to avoid committing the number one sin of email marketing: being boring)
  6. The naked truth of how to consistently write emails that don't suck (on the surface this seems simple, but it's shocking how many people DON'T do this)
  7. The direct response marketing and persuasion secrets I learned from my days of slinging lattes as a Starbucks barista (ignore these teachings at your own risk my copywriting apprentice…)
  8. Plus, inside the Email Imagery 2.0 Tome you'll find a guided 30-day email challenge to help sharpen your copywriting sword, practice what you've learned inside Email Imagery 2.0, and begin earning your investment back.

This information is not something you buy to let sit in a folder on your laptop collecting virtual dust.

Hell, Email Imagery 2.0 isn't something you "buy," period.

Email Imagery is an investment that will grant you returns for as long as you apply what's inside.

At the sticker price of $513, all you need to do is generate a measly 4-5 sales of a $150-$200 product or service to recoup your investment…which is going to be easier than buying a bag of weed in Amsterdam.

But, since you're still reading, I think it's safe to say that price isn't an objection for you.

You understand the value of investing into your own skillset, what it means for your business, and you know that ROI is inevitable…if you do the work.

I've opened the door for you.

Are you ready to step through?

A Quick "Surprise" Note On The Email Imagery 2.0 Tome & Blackbook

Both the Tome and the Blackbook are PHYSICAL PRODUCTS that I will ship directly to your front door. There is no extra charge for this, and all shipping fees are covered on my end.

Okay, back to it…

Email Imagery 2.0 Is The Special Ingredient Your Emails Have Been Missing

Most people pay at least $1000 for a copywriting course, and these courses try to cover every single aspect of copywriting, marketing, and persuasion.

For that price, you simply cannot cover such breadth of topics at the depth you need to truly develop proficiency.

Which is really what Email Imagery 2.0 is all about.

You're not simply going to take your copywriting skills from a 2/10 to a 6/10.

You're not going to go from "meh" to "decent."

I'm not about to teach you how to build a monument to mediocrity.


I'm Going To Help You Become So Bloody Proficient At Writing That You Can Knock Out Emails In 20-30 Minutes, Craft Copy That People Love To Read, And Make Sales From Your Email List

To borrow a quote from one of my coaching calls with The World's Most British Copywriter, Mike Samuels:

"Do you really think you're getting the full breadth of knowledge when trying to cover every aspect of copywriting for $500? And this is coming from someone who has created a $500 course on everything copy."

I think you can answer that one for yourself.

Speaking of The World's Most British Copywriter…check out what he's had to say about my unruly self:

"There are very few copywriters I feel happy to refer my overflow clients to. There are even fewer copywriters whose material I bother to read.

Alex Mullan, however, bucks the trend on both these habits.

Alex's stuff is original. It's hard-hitting, and makes money without coming across as pushy, sales-y or cliche. It's so good, I even steal some of it and attempt to pass it off as my own.

You could try this too … or you could just pay him money to make you way more moula back in the long run."

Mike Samuels, The World's Most British Copywriter

Hold Up. I've Got More:

From the mouth and hands of New York Times Bestselling Author, John Romaniello…

"When a student trains under a master for a long time, there is but one goal for the student: to become, and honor his master by adding something to their shared craft, and going beyond his master's abilities.

Rare is the case where this actually happens — as so few are willing to grind out the years of practice needed to rise to mastery.

Over the past three years, Alex has taken my lessons on writing, on storytelling, and woven in his understanding of persuasion, giving birth to a rare copywriting ability that far exceeds my own.

In my own business, writing is the one thing I'm loathe to entrust to someone else, but Alex has proven worthy of being my go-to guy.

John Romaniello, Roman Fitness Systems

"Alex's ability as a writer who crafts words that make people feel and want to take that next step is phenomenal.

I once read an email sequence he wrote for something I already had, and the way he delivered it made me want to buy again."

Jorden Pagel

"Before Email Imagery I struggled to come up with ideas to write about, and when I did, they took forever. Simply put, there was no hope for my writing.

Now…my writing has improved across the board. I'm able to put a lot more imagery into my writing, I enjoy writing a lot more, and I even enjoy reading my writing a lot more. Not to mention, it only takes me 20-30 minutes to write emails now.

The multiple critiques on each email was huge for me. It really helped me figure out how to make my emails a lot more interesting to read."

Andrew Holmes

"Before I went through Email Imagery I hated writing emails, and had no accountability to write.

The course was hard, but it was fun, and I got the result I wanted.

Now I can write my emails in 20-30 minutes, they're full of imagery, have more persuasion, and I'm able to capture my lists attention."

Calvin Huynh

"There are copywriters and then there are downright badass copywriters. Alex is the latter. And he doesn't just know his stuff, he lives and breathes it.

Alex's daily emails are woven together in a spellbinding tale that will teach you how to print money on demand for whatever business you are in.

If you haven't invested in him or his products you're handicapping yourself and your business."

Peter Tzemis

"Alex's masterful way with words has me begging to buy everything and anything he sells.

This man knows the ins and outs of engagement, entertainment and persuasion.

I knew I was going to buy Email Imagery WEEKS before it launched. That takes skill to pull off."

Michael Gostelow

Even if you ignore the 10+ headlines, 30+ bullet-points, and countless elements of persuasion woven into this later, the only reason you really need to learn more aboot what's inside Email Imagery is this:

As much as I loathe the phrase "there's nothing else like this," if the shoe fits…the shoe fits.

The approach and angle I take in teaching you how to write effective sales emails is unique, and unlike anything else on the market.

This is your chance to be an early adopter of something new.

This is your chance to take a very calculated risk that has an astonishing amount of social proof behind it (see the slew of testimonials above and running down the side of this page — not to mention the blatant overload of imagery I use in every email, ad, letter, and promotion I write).

Time to be blunt…

Are You Ready To Learn How To Profit From Your Words?

Email Imagery 2.0 has been designed to make the consumption and application of the information as straightforward as possible. But beyond that, I can't do the work for you.

Much as this course is priced to weed out low-class, soul-sucking customers, it's also priced to force you to take action on what you'll learn.

If you don't think you'll make earn back your investment in 2-6 sales after learning how to write emails that your list loves to open, read, and buy from, do NOT purchase Email Imagery.

But if you pass on it today…you'll miss out on the secrets I've used to:

  • Write an email on my phone—while standing elbow-to-elbow in a jam-packed subway car—that pulled in over $600 with one send to a list of 200 people (once you experience what it's like to "print money" from your email list, you'll never waste your time hosting another Facebook Live for 7 people ever again)
  • Bat out Facebook ads for an Agency that regularly rake in email subscribers at .30 cents a pop ($1-$2 is considered a "solid" cost per lead—paying .30 cents per subscriber is practically cheating at lead generation)
  • Be the man behind the daily emails for two seven-figure companies (one in the supplement industry, and one in the job search niche) who give me complete control over what is written, how it's said, and what gets sent out.
  • Write a launch sequence for a niche fitness website's membership program. A sequence which added 45-50 new members during the launch (earning my client his investment back in one weekend).

And that's just scratching the surface…

Heck, when I launched Email Imagery 1.0, I sold out all 13 founder spots 36 hours before launch the was scheduled to end (and I still had 6-7 emails left in the chamber).

If you're ready to step through the door I've opened for you, here are your options:


Standard Premium Prestigious
The Email Imagery 2.0 Blackbook (Value: $313)
The Email Imagery 2.0 Tome (Value: $313)


The "Lost" Email Imagery Training Manual & Call Transcript (Value: $130)
13-Minute Double-Shot Coaching Call (Value: $69.57)
Critiques & Feedback On Every Email You Write (Value: $600)
Your Price (One-Time Payment) $513.13 $579.69 $866.54

Payment Options

To Pay Securely By Credit Card Or PayPal Add To Cart Add To Cart Add To Cart

See you at the show…

_A. Mullan

Got Questions? I've Got Answers

To be perfectly transparent, below are all the potential objections you might have that I didn't address in the letter above.

If you've got any unanswered questions, this here FAQ should do the trick.

If not, I'm not all that fussed. This course ain't for everyone.

And awaaaay we gooo…

What makes Email Imagery 2.0 different from every other copywriting course out there?

A few things:

  1. I actually practice what I teach inside Email Imagery (i.e. I'm not blowing steam out my ass, turning around, bottling it, and then selling it to you).
  2. There are dozens of copywriting courses on the internet…but none specialize solely in teaching you the power of imagery or how to persuade through the written word.

How is Email Imagery 2.0 delivered?

The Email Imagery 2.0 Tome & Blackbook are 100% physical products.

If you invest in the 'Premium' package, you'll receive a PDF copy of The 'Lost' Email Imagery Training Manual.

All Email Imagery 2.0 products ship worldwide and no extra cost to you.

Hey Alex, why is Email Imagery 2.0 a physical product?

Simple. How many courses, eBooks, and PDFs are sitting on your computer collecting e-dust? If you're anything like me, your answer is probably, "far too many."

I don't want Email Imagery 2.0 to be something you buy and never use. I want this product to be something you buy, read, apply, and revisit to continue honing your skills.

By having two physical manuals sitting on your desk, you'll have no choice but to take action on what you'll learn inside Email Imagery 2.0.

What is The "Lost" Email Imagery Training Manual & Transcript?

If you invest in the 'Premium' or 'Prestigious' Email Imagery 2.0 package you'll also receive a PDF transcript of The "Lost" Email Imagery Training (this was a video training I did with my good friend Joey Percia for members of his Kickass Copywriting course), along with a BONUS Section of Email Imagery exercises.

What's your refund policy?

There is no refund or money-back guarantee for Email Imagery 2.0. Part of the "why" behind turning this course into a physical product is to force you to take action on the lessons inside.

I KNOW that the information inside Email Imagery WILL put more shekels in your pocket...if you apply what you learn.

As I said above, I can't do the work for you. I can only give you the tools, and show you the door.

Besides, the Email Imagery 2.0 Tome & Blackbook are printed specifically for your order, laid on a satin pillow to rest, inspected, edited, and embossed with gold leaf by a team of 13 hobbits, and mailed directly to you as fast as possible.

Nobody else is doing this.

What if I have a small email list? Or none at all?

Becoming a more persuasive writer will translate to any medium you choose to apply it to (Facebook posts, webinars, Instagram captions, YouTube scripts…they all come from words).

No matter what medium you choose to tell your story through, you're going to be using words and images to share your message.

Does Email Imagery 2.0 ONLY work for emails?

For what's at least the third time in this letter, whether you want to sell knitting needles to grandmas via direct mail…graphic t-shirts to dudes who are too old to wear graphic t-shirts on Amazon…fidget spinners to young hooligans on Instagram…or sparkling bags of dildos to unicorns on Facebook…the persuasion principles you're going to learn inside Email Imagery 2.0 will help you do so.

Anything I didn't answer? Email me…

I've done my best to answer any and all questions you might have before investing in the Email Imagery, but if anything is unclear, here's what I want you to do:

Email me directly at

This is my personal email address. I'll answer any and all questions you have about Email Imagery.

When you're ready to begin, choose your package below.


Standard Premium Prestigious
The Email Imagery 2.0 Blackbook (Value: $313)
The Email Imagery 2.0 Tome (Value: $313)


The "Lost" Email Imagery Training Manual & Call Transcript (Value: $130)
13-Minute Double-Shot Coaching Call (Value: $69.57)
Critiques & Feedback On Every Email You Write (Value: $600)
Your Price (One-Time Payment) $513.13 $579.69 $866.54

Payment Options

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Copyright Alexander Mullan All rights reserved.